Grief Support Education & Workshops

All of us have experienced grief in our lives. From the loss of loved ones to the end of relationships and careers, grief affects all of us not just emotionally but also physically. Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to change or loss of any kind – death, divorce, moving, financial changes, health changes, relationship changes and on and on…  Grief is also the result of unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations and the loss of intangible concepts such as safety, trust, security, respect, faith… and hope.  Grief is universal.  All of us have experienced grief throughout our lives, as a result of many changes and losses.  But we are not well prepared to really handle, manage or recover from the emotional impact which results from these changes and losses.

Christopher is an advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute, a secular educational, evidence-based action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses. Additionally, the Grief Recovery Method is a step-by-step process – an “action program” – for unlocking and respecting the emotional experience of our grief – both the immediate or presenting grief issues – and those that may have been holding us captive for years.  Often, the most recent or presenting loss is actually made more difficult by related experiences from our past which were not recognized or addressed at the time – adding weight to that resulting from the current loss. 

The Grief Recovery Outreach Program gives participants specific actions to take, so they can recover from a loss. Taking place either in a group or one-on-one setting, the program takes place over 7-8 weeks.

Christopher is certified to lead one-on-one sessions in person and online over Zoom and to lead GRM group sessions in an in-person group setting in Northwest Ohio. Christopher is also certified to lead workshops and presentations on the topic of loss and grief.  You can read more about what grief programs he offers by clicking here.

To inquire about one-on-one grief sessions, upcoming group sessions, or workshops or presentations, send Christopher an email at chris.schillingGRM (at) outlook (dot) com.