Clinical Chaplaincy

Starting with my experience as a resident hospital chaplain at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in 2014 where I earned four Clinical Pastoral Care units, I believe it’s the role of the chaplain not to have answers, but offer reassurance of God’s presence amidst difficult moments.

Through my experience as a resident hospital chaplain at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center where I spent a year working with patients and family members through the Clinical Pastoral Education program, I offered religious and spiritual guidance to patients/residents/clients, staff, and administrators, I also served the families of deceased patients/residents/clients and patients/families in crisis situations. Earning four CPE credits, I spent a year also assigned to the psychiatric, hospice, and emergency units. I planned services and preformed other liturgical events for hospital staff. Additionally, I led a small support group for hospital patients on the topic of grief. Through my CPE experience, I gained Level I and Level II experiences totaling 2,000 hours of clinical pastoral education and patient spiritual care.

My experiences in chaplaincy Include:

  • Emergency Spiritual Care
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Nursing Home Spiritual Care
  • Ecumenical/Interfaith Chaplaincy
  • Hospice/Palliative Spiritual Care
  • Small Group Faith Formation
  • Ethical Decision Making Consultation

Military Chaplaincy

For our men and women in uniform, having spiritual support is essential especially as they seek to carry out the mission of our military while also provide love and support their family members when they are home. 

As a reservist chaplain, I’m working first hand with members of our military and their family members to provide them with spiritual care regardless of their faith beliefs or religious traditions. Serving United States members of the military and their families, when I serve I provide spiritual counseling while also helping them process loss and grief, family issues, and spiritual discernment. I also have worked with airmen in the detention unit providing spiritual care.  I also have served with my base chaplains, providing leadership for different workshops and events.  Additionally, I refer airmen to social workers, psychologists, or medical personnel as required. While there will be much more for me to learn through my time as a military chaplain, I look forward to giving back to my country and those who protect our freedom because as an American they have given so much to me.

Experiences in military chaplaincy I am gaining:

  • Advocacy Briefing
  • Ethical Dilemmas Consultation
  • Emergency Spiritual Counseling
  • Ecumenical/Interfaith Chaplaincy
  • Small Group Faith Formation
  • Spiritual Growth and Formation Promotion
  • Leadership at Special Services

Congregational Ministry

I believe the church is a sacred place where individuals not only experience the spiritual divine, but also a place which reflects inclusivity, openness, and compassion. 

As the Minister for Community and Campus Relations at UniPlace Christian Church, I formed 30 relationships between student, civic, and businesses organizations at UniPlace. I also oversaw its community dinner program which feeds approximately 150 people weekly and oversaw the 300 university students from the University of Illinois who volunteer to operate the program each year while overseeing a $4,000 fundraising campaign for the program. I also created a service-learning program, providing a field study location for students which mentor students to become community leaders. Additionally, I created a successful ministry called “Beer and Theology” which consists of a bi-weekly pub style ministry which covers theological conversations in a casual setting in Champaign-Urbana. With a variety of diverse speakers and attendees, Beer and Theology allows individuals to talk about theological issues in a safe and comfortable environment.  I also performed weddings, provide pastoral care, and preached at UniPlace.

My experiences in Preaching, Teaching, and Congregational Ministry Include:

  • Preaching
  • Pastoral Care
  • Special Services (Wedding, Funerals, Lent, & Advent)
  • Bible Studies Leadership
  • Organizational Outreach & Relationship Building
  • Committee Leadership & Volunteer Management
  • Outreach/Mission Program Creation & Implementation
  • Fundraising and Contribution Campaign Management

Education, Training, Certifications

  • Commissioned Officer Training School, United States Air Force (2017)
  • Clinical Pastoral Education Residency (4 CPE Units of Level I & Level II), Bon Secours Health System (2014)
  • San Francisco Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity (2013)
  • Slippery Rock University, Bachelors of Science in Communication (2008)