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Written Articles


Aging Christians Supporting Millennials, and Vice Versa

Creating Communities Between younger adults and older congregations

Staying Encouraged When Our Efforts To Grow Church Membership Fail

The dying church, not an end but a beginning

Engaging in hospice ministry: Incorporating end-of-life ministry into everyday ministry

Viewing death, grief, and resurrection as a shared sacrament

When being a “spiritual superhero” becomes too much

Becoming a spiritual presence through multiculturalism and diversity

The Single Pastor: Supporting Single Clergy In Ministry

What My Mental Health Patients Taught Me About Providing Spiritual Care

SFTS student starts street ministry in San Francisco

Mind, body, and spirit …more than a ‘Monologue’


Electronic Media


Interview By Illinois Public Radio

Synopsis: Interviewed about the use of “PokemonGo” by churches as a way to reach out to communities to show hospitality.

Volunteer Opportunities At UniPlace

Synopsis: A recruitment video created by the University of Illinois seeking student volunteers for the UniPlace community service opportunities.

Local officials encourage getting involved to help fight homelessness

Synopsis: Interviewed about the need for faith communities and businesses to address housing insecurities in Champaign-Urbana.

“Beer and Theology” Ministry in Champaign-Urbana

Synopsis: UniPlace’s “Beer and Theology” ministry being featured in Champaign-Urbana’s “The News-Gazette.”