Church Ministry

It’s my hope in ministry to not only share God’s love for others, but to share God’s love through standing up for social justice issues, having interfaith dialogue with individuals and communities of different faith communities, and empowering individuals to promote peace, acceptance, while reminding them of God’s unconditional love for all people no matter who they are or where they may be on their spiritual journey.

My skill set includes:

• Leading weekly Sunday worship services in traditional, contemporary, and alternative worship styles.
• Planning and leading liturgical services such as Advent, Christmas, and Lent.
• Serving on committees which nurture the spiritual care of congregants.
• Leading Christian Education courses on different theological and biblical topics.
• Engaging in ministry outreach to local communities.
• Working with youth in congregations and preaching children sermons.
• Incorporating social media into ministry outreach

Spiritual Care 

Offering spiritual care those in need is a shared sacrament. Being able to listen and help others discern their calling while also process things happening is an element of ministry which I feel strongly called to do and one I am constant seeking to improve and strengthen.

My skill set includes:

• Offering religious and spiritual guidance to individuals from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds.
• Experience providing spiritual care to those with mental health issues and providing spiritual care to those in hospice and nursing home settings.
• Providing spiritual care in crisis and emergency situations.
• Experience working with committees and patient/resident/client conferences to enhance the continuity of care to individuals.
• Earned Four Clinical Pastoral Education credits through ACPE chaplain resident program.

Non-Profit Leadership & Community Engagement

I believe all of us no matter who we are or what our gifts and calling may be, can be elements of social change in our world. For me, I have sought to find ways to intertwine my calling in ministry with my passion for community engagement believing that God has called all of us to not only promote social change not be the social change.

My skill set includes:

• Experience working with a volunteer board of directors and other community and business leaders to identify, recruit, train, guide, and inspire them to become involved in specific programs.
• Achieved progress towards specific goals and objectives which include: program development through collaborative relationships, volunteer recruitment, and training, fundraising, membership recruitment, and retention.
• Extended programs to religious, civic, fraternal, educational, and other community-based organizations through volunteers.
• Secure adequate financial support for programs for programs.
• Ensured that all program sites are served through volunteers, regular leader meetings, training events and activities.

Communication, Public Relations, and Multimedia

Even though we live in an age where technology has allowed us to see and be inspired by stories through films and videos, telling a story through words is so much more powerful because it allows us to use our imagination and to see the story in our own minds. And when we tell a story about an experience we or someone else had, we are in essence sharing a part of ourselves while influencing others to bring about positive changes not only in their own life but in the lives of others. This is the beauty of storytelling.

My skill set includes:

• Created marketing and promotional materials, both print and electronic.
• Copy-edited, proofread, and revised communications.
• Experience working with communication team to design and launch email marketing campaigns.
• Background working with communication team and communications manager to determine budget and managed expenses to that budget.
• Developed marketing communications campaigns.
• Created and delivered press releases, media relations content, bios, newsletter content, and social media content.
• Experience in Adobe products, WordPress, Dreamweaver, and Hootsuite and all social media platforms.
• Non-Profit and Business Branding

Complete Resume

You can visit my complete resume by logging into LinkedIn and checking it out here.